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mysteryboxThere has been a long history of conflict between religion and reason since the creation of Adam and the sending of prophets. The desire of each religion’s adherents to prove themselves as true and the rest as misguided in order to gain privilege to rule over (them) has nothing to do with God and true faith. But is instead fuelled by the human desire to authoritative power.

There is a verse in Quran that says, “the religions were all one (because the Creator is One), and humans only started being divided into different creeds, when they became jealous of each other (Ale-Imran 19).” In other words, religion gains a constructive or destructive power only when it is utilized by different people for different aims.

This utilization of religion is even more dangerous when people use it as a means to rule over humans without really knowing about humans. Proposing rights for any object would in the first place need to learn about the physical and behavioural details of that object.

If I am studying an object x, which I cannot fully describe, how can I propose its full rights and responsibilities? But can anyone in the human history really claim that he knows all the details about human body and mind?

Going back to the example of object x, assuming that it is a printing machine, in order to be able to write a comprehensive manual for how it works or should work, I only would have the option of referring to its manufacturing company or person (if alive) to learn about its operating details. Otherwise, although I would be able to write a manual out of my own experience of working with the object, but still I might be missing a great deal of other useful functions it might have had, which I had not encountered and explored.

Likewise, learning fully about humans, would need referring to its original creator (or manufacturer); otherwise, any manual written for it would have indeed missed some details.

So where can that all-knowing manufacturer be really found? Can he be accessed at all?

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