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The Puzzle

puzzle-1261138_960_720.jpgI believe human life (both in the individual and collective sense) is a puzzle. The pieces will ultimately fall in place, but if they don’t (in certain times and places), there must have been something wrong with the cause of disconnectedness; which has to be corrected, upgraded, or changed in some sort.

Likewise, when looking at the history of social sciences and humanities, one sees all these scientists and theoreticians that have lived and perished, with all their colorful ideas presented and registered either as truthful  or as a scientific mistake, but on which a plethora of literature has been written; it is only then that one can sense the fault with humans and human mind specifically.

The advantage of this 2000 year old human is that he has a great deal of experience. When looking upon all this history of test and errors, one realizes that upon all the struggles by humans to make distinct changes to human life, but still there has not been that much significant change towards betterment, in many  cases  even  the situation got worse. Because after all his claims to knowledge and intellect, the mind is limited. Acknowledging the flaw is an advantage, from which many are incapable of comprehension. To learn and admit human mind’s limits is itself strength and needs knowledge.

It is after this self-realization that one would be able to overcome the weaknesses of his mind, by clinging to the sources of knowledge that are genuine and sponsored by the powers that are beyond human reach.




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