Where did Philosophy go wrong?

When Voltaire said: “superstition sets the whole world in flames; philosophy quenches them,” did he really have any idea where philosophy would lead to in the 21st century?

Philosophy started with questions on metaphysics and ontology. It posed questions on the origins of being, and the casualty between objects and events. It aimed at investigating the right means of gaining knowledge, therefore, introduced a dialectics that would quench sophistry and advocate logic.

Philosophy in its advent intended to resolve the ambiguities within the hearts and minds with regard to the original abode. Epistemology or the theory of knowledge aimed at solving the puzzle of authentic knowledge, one that led to clarification, not the one adding to the complexities of the limited human mind, and leave him as a senseless alienated creature, skeptical of all that is going around him, trusting no single person and object, and handicapped to the extent that he could not even use his five senses!

So where did philosophy go wrong? Or better to ask: Where did philosophers lose track?

what is rationalization? Or better to ask: Was rationalization the proper answer to human complexities?

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